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Electricity – Elton John

This track by Elton John spent one week in the UK top 10 in 2005.

(If this video fails to load, or you would like to watch a different version, search for Electricity by Elton John on YouTube.)

This week in 2005, Electricity by Elton John entered the UK singles chart at its highest position of number 4. After just one week in the top 10, the song fell to number 22 for its final week in the top 40.

Electricity was released on the Rocket record label and was the thirty-first UK top 10 hit for Elton John. It was written for the stage production of Billy Elliott the musical and also appeared on re-issues of Elton John’s gold-selling album Peachtree Road, the original version of which reached number 21 in the UK albums chart in 2004.

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UK singles chart for the week ending 23 July 2005

  1. You’re beautifulJames Blunt

  2. Ghetto gospel2Pac featuring Elton John

  3. We belong togetherMariah Carey

  4. ElectricityElton John

  5. Crazy chickCharlotte Church

  6. Since u been goneKelly Clarkson

  7. Roc ya body ‘mic check 1 2’M.V.P.

  8. Axel FCrazy Frog

  9. Nasty girlInaya Day

  10. Shot you downAudio Bullys featuring Nancy Sinatra

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