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Welcome to British Chart Singles, This site aims to examine around 8,000 singles from the UK singles chart. This will include every top 10 single since the first chart was compiled in November 1952 and a few others of my choosing from lower down the top 40.

Each post will analyse one single. I will give details about its chart performance, list interesting facts about the song and provide links to the same song by other artists for comparison. Also included will be a link to a profile of the artist and an opportunity to listen to the song on YouTube while you read about it.

Each day will take its single selection from a different period of chart history.


On Mondays I will examine chart singles from ten years ago. This will take us from July 2001 to June 2011.


Tuesdays will be reserved for singles from twenty years ago and will cover the charts of July 1991 to June 2001.


The chart singles of thirty years ago will looked at on Wednesdays. Here we will journey from July 1981 to June 1991.


On Thursdays I will explore the charts of July 1971 to June 1981 as I look at the singles of forty years ago.


July 1961 to June 1971 will be covered by the posts on Fridays as the singles of fifty years ago are examined.


The first UK singles chart was compiled in November 1952, so from November 2012 this site will include posts on Saturdays for the singles of sixty years ago. This will take us to June 1961.


There will be no singles to look at on Sundays but there may be occasional posts keeping you up to date with site news.

The site began in July 2011 at Blogger but was moved to in June 2013. All new posts will appear here and the posts from the first two years will gradually move across. Please feel free to comment on any of the singles with likes, dislikes or any memories they bring back. But most of all, enjoy the music.
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