Dreams – Cranberries

This track by the Cranberries spent four weeks in the UK top 40 in 1994.

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Twenty years ago this week, Dreams by the Cranberries reached its highest position of number 27 in the UK singles chart, having entered the top 40 the previous week at number 36. After one week at its peak position, the song started to slide down the chart but remained in the top 40 for another two weeks.

Dreams was released on the Island record label and was the second of nine top 40 hits for the Cranberries in the UK. It was taken from the double-platinum-selling album Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?, which spent one week at the top of the UK album chart.

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UK singles chart for the week ending 14 May 1994

  1. InsideStiltskin

  2. Come on you redsManchester United Football Squad

  3. The real thingTony Di Bart

  4. Sweets for my sweetCJ Lewis

  5. Mmm mmm mmm mmmCrash Test Dummies

  6. The most beautiful girl in the world(Symbol)

  7. Around the worldEast 17

  8. Light my fireClubhouse featuring Carl

  9. Just a step from heavenEternal

  10. AlwaysErasure


  1. DreamsCranberries

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