(Meet) The Flintstones – BC-52’s

The BC-52’s took this track into the UK top 10 for seven weeks in 1994.

(If this video fails to load, or you would like to watch a different version, search for (Meet) the Flintstones by the BC-52’s on YouTube.)

This week in 1994, (Meet) the Flintstones by the BC-52’s (usually known as the B-52’s) was at its highest position of number 3 in the UK singles chart for the last of three weeks, having entered the top 40 four weeks previously at number 5. After falling from its peak position, the song stayed in the top 10 for another two weeks and then dropped into the lower top 40 for the final three weeks of its chart life.

(Meet) the Flintstones was released on the MCA record label and was the second of two top 10 hits for the B-52’s in the UK. It was recorded as the title song for the film The Flintstones and appeared on its soundtrack album.

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UK singles chart for the week ending 6 August 1994

  1. Love is all aroundWet Wet Wet

  2. I swearAll-4-One

  3. (Meet) the FlintstonesBC-52’s

  4. Crazy for youLet Loose

  5. SearchingChina Black

  6. RegulateWarren G and Nate Dogg

  7. ShineAswad

  8. Swamp thingGrid

  9. Let’s get ready to rhumblePJ & Duncan

  10. No more (I can’t stand it)Maxx

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